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Adult Room User Guide

Welcome to Adult Room Hints

Who Owns the Adult Rooms?
All Adult rooms that are visible in the +18 area of the Camfrog Site are PRIVATELY OWNED and not affilliated with Camshare, LC. Private individuals license the software and own the servers that the software runs upon. As Owners of the rooms, they make the Regulations for the various rooms. The Room Owner determines what behavior is allowed in his or her room, and authorizes their Room OPerators to enforce the rules.

Room OPerators nicknames appear in Green in the chat rooms, Room Owners in Red and Friends of the room in Blue.

Alle Volwassen chatrooms zijn privé.
Camfrog, LC, bezit geen volwassen chatrooms.
Les chatrooms d'adulte ont les propriétaires privés.
Erwachsener chatrooms haben private Inhaber.
Los chatrooms del adultos tienen dueños privados.
Camfrog não opera chatrooms de adultos.
Camfrog non controlla i chatrooms dell'adulto.

The Rules Vary from room to room
Each room owner, likes to customize the rules to make them specific to the way they want their room to run, and the feel they want the room to have. Therefore it is important to read and understand the rules and regulations for Each Adult room you enter. Some owners are very strict in their enforcement of the room rules, others , not so strict. Each room is different. The following are the basic rules that can be found in most of the adult rooms you will find.

Generic Adult Rules-Regulations

Speak the Language of the room
If you cannot speak the Language of the room, DO NOT ENTER. You will be at a severe disadvantage, you cannot understand the rules or regulations of the room. You will most likely get Punished or BANNED for rule violations.

Your Full Face must be on camera for age verification purposes. It must be well lighted and remain on Camera at all times. Do Not enter a room without your face on camera. Cameras that are Paused will be treated as not loading.

No Instant Messages ( IM's) to ANYONE without Permission
You must ask for, and receive permission in the main chat room to send someone an Instant Message/Private Message. Failing to do so, is a BAN in many rooms. Asking does not constitute permission. You need a written response.

No Directing or Requesting
You may not request actions from or direct the actions of ANYONE on camera. Doing so is a BAN in many rooms.

Adults Only (18+) Room
You MUST be at least 18 years of age or older to enter. Identification may be required and failure to provide indentification may be a BAN.

No Music to be played without permission
Music may only be played with an OPerators permission or that of a room owner. If you cannot play music through your sound card and have the Camfrog sounds turned off, please do not attempt to play music.

No Posting Links or Advertising other rooms.
The posting of links to competeing sites or rooms is not only in bad taste, it is forbidden in most rooms.

No Softcams or Capture enabling Software Allowed.
Using software drivers or programs that make the illegal capture of copyrighted material possible in chat rooms is forbidden. It is a BANNING Offense. Using such programs to simulate having a webcam is not allowed.

User Agreement
If you Clicked YES to enter the room , it is assumed you understand the room rules, and will OBEY them. You enter at your own risk.

Room Owners Talk to each other about Users.
If you misbehave in one adult room, you may find yourself BANNED or get Punished in other adult rooms. Owners and operators talk to each other about YOUR behavior.

Since room rules are variable to some degree, the disciplinary measures will be variable from room to room, depending on the violation. Punishments and Bans can vary in duration, from as little as 15 minutes, to forever in the case of a BAN.

These are GENERIC RULES - Some Rooms have different rules.
Be sure to read and understand what the room rules are BEFORE entering any room.

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